Shopping after Black Friday instead

We’ve all seen the horrific pictures and videos online, on which people are becoming discount-hungry, coupon-empowered monsters, and harm each other for their next, most of the time unnecessary LED TV. Watching these moments made us wonder, whether there are better periods to time the annual shopping experience. Spoilers ahead - there are indeed.


DIY Halloween Costumes

If you are a last-minute Halloween planner or want to save money and time this year, you may be looking for a Halloween costume that you can easily put together yourself. These costumes are cheap or free and can be quickly made with items you may already have around the house.


Have we seen the end of paper coupons?

In recent years, digital coupons have been on the rise. The vast majority of Americans have a smartphone now, so they can utilize coupons via email, a web browser, or a store’s app. Digital coupons are much easier to keep up with than a flurry of paper coupons. Digital coupons are also far more environmentally friendly than stores printing thousands of fliers. However, stores were still issuing and accepting paper coupons as usual early this year. Yet during the pandemic, many stores suspended this practice to limit the passing of germs with the handoff of the coupon. Although these policies have been temporary, so far, it makes us wonder if we have seen the end of paper coupons all together.